Pediatric Dentistry

We offer comprehensive dental care for children ages 2 and up. In addition to providing high-quality dental services, we focus on creating an upbeat experience for your child. We want your child’s dental health journey to begin early with a positive, pleasant visit to the dentist. We are proud to offer caring pediatric dental treatment.

Below is an example of a panoramic x-ray taken on a five year old patient showing both sets of teeth present and developing.

33602 (93d195a5-a258-4dca-886c-0c3e8259d97a).jpg

What you might not notice is the benign tumor that is also present in the mouth. With the x-ray and exam Dr. Kwong was able to detect this benign tumor early.

X-ray 1 taken on Saturday, October 07, 2006 (a6e05e9a-eaa0-4e1f-b6ef-7c6696e37df1).jpg